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Equipment database

Bioprocess Equipment Explorer

Bioprocess Equipment Explorer is a database collection of numerous fermentation equipment pieces and their purchase costs. Cx Bio database bridges the data availability gap and saves time on data research. It is designed to help researchers, founders and entrepreneurs to estimate the equipment purchase cost of their processes in early stages of project development. It was created as a tool for early economic assessment. Check out the Explorer in the link below and if you are interested in getting access reach out to us!

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More than 50

Datapoints for various vessels

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Different equipment types

More than 20

References included in the database

More than 100

Datapoints already included in the database

Pricing plans

We recently launched our Bioprocess Equipment Explorer and we are offering promo codes for 20 % off. Reach out to us to get yours! 

Check out our Promo Prices which will give you 3 month access to the full Bioprocessing Equipment Explorer !

Students & Researchers
€ 150
3 month access
6 equipment types
More than 100 data points
Subscription extension for €30/ month
€ 250
3 month access
6 equipment types
More than 100 data points
Subscription extension for €50/ month
€ 450
3 month access
6 equipment types
More than 100 data points
Subscription extension for €70/ month
  • How was data collected for Equipment Explorer?
    All presented data points come from peer-reviewed articles. If studies specified data sources this will be stated in the cell 'Origin of data price quote'. This can be from specialised software that researchers used, vendors or through calculation. Database does not contain any direct vendor quotes that are not publicly disclosed.
  • Who can use Equipment Explorer?
    Founders, researchers, investors... Anyone who can benefit from knowing the cost of various equipment used in fermentation.
  • What is Cx Bio's Bioprocess Equipment Explorer?
    Cx Bio's Bioprocess Equipment Explorer is a resource and a collection of more than 100 publicly available data points on capacity and cost of various equipment items used in fermentation.
  • How can I use Cx Bio Equipment Explorer?
    In our work with many founders and researchers we saw that there is a challenge in understanding the costs of setting up the facilities in early stages of R&D. This database bridges the gap that exists in data availability and allows economical assessment in early stages of project development. It should help estimate equipment purchase cost and capital expenditure of the facility regardless if it is lab, pilot or demo scale.
  • How can I get the extended version of the Equipment Explorer?
    First few data points are already visible in the link below. If you are interested in the full dataset please contact us through our Contact form below.
  • Will you keep developing the Equipment Explorer?
    Yes! This is the first version, we are working on collecting more data points as well as adding more equipment pieces. Make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our Newsletter to get an update when we release a new version.
Market watch

Market watch

Database of companies producing fermented fats and oils

Cx Bio comprehensive database spotlighting companies producing fermented fats and oils for various applications ranging from cooking oils, fats for meat alternatives to greener and safer house products. Our database highlights companies all over the world, startups but also well established companies that have been established decades ago.   

Geographical distribution of the companies


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Companies size 

Large corporations

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Funding stages



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Series A

Series B

Grant supported

Large corporations








If you are interested in the full database please reach out to us!

Paint Abstract Blue

Direct air capture CO2 literature cost estimations

Open source

Carbon dioxide is increasingly seen as a valuable commodity for many industries, and serves a key input for many of the novel microbial fermentation technologies that leverage alternative feedstocks. The source of CO2 can come from three main locations, flue gasses from industry, anaerobic digesters, and Direct Air Capture of CO2 (DAC). 


We have assimilated this open-access resource of literature estimates for the cost of CO2 from DAC to help industry plan their RnD choices, and for academics to study the enviro-economic potential of integrating DAC into various value-chains. 


Since this is a dynamic space, with new research published on a regular basis, we decided to make this an open-access database and encourage people to add new entries. Entries will be curated and quality controlled to make sure the data is accurate. Whether you are a user or contributor, we hope you find this DAC database useful. Thanks for contributing and sharing your feedback.

Please reach out to us for editing right!

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